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April 21 - Brooks Williams
7:30 PM

From Statesboro, Georgia, Brooks Williams creates a super-charged roots music.  Key And Chords from Belgium describes Williams' music as "A beautiful fusion of blues, old country and a touch Americana".  Audiences are often heard asking, how can one guitar and one voice sound like a full band?  Roots says of Williams, he "really rocks, stirring up soulful Americana, full-on blues and tasty rootsy grooves."  Like drinking whiskey from a honey jar, you get both the sweet and the bite.  Resonator slide and acoustic Piedmont picking lay down the groove while Williams' laid-back low-country vocal floats over top.  AmericanUK says, "he has a beautiful voice that you just melt into."  The San Antonio Light says that Williams' is a "fret monter who has to be seen to be believed!



April 29 - Shake Russell and Michael Hearne
7:30 pm

Michael and Shake have been songwriting partners, friends and collaborators for many years, but it wasn't until Hearne moved back to his native state of Texas, after living a few decades in Taos, NM and a couple of years in Nashville, that the two of them began performing regularly together.  Both Hearne and Russell play music in a style that is hard to categorize, but one that their label Howlin' Dog Records calls "Southwestern Americana" - a sound of wide open vistas, big blue sky, high mountains, and deep canyons, with folk, country and rock sensitivities, and stories of real people finding their way through their lives. 



May 13 - Monica Rizzio
7:30 pm

Monica Rizzio is bringing her "Back to Texas" tour to the Bowery Stage.  She grew up in Quitman, won blue ribbons at the Winnsboro Rodeo and went on to study music at Belmont University before relocating up north to Cape Cod, MA.  She was the front woman in a touring folk band for 10 years, Tripping Lily, before leaving the band to get back to her Texas roots style of music.  Her album has been on the Americana charts as well as charted as high as #2 on the Folk charts



May 19 -Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary
7:30 pm

We're excited to announce that Peter is coming back for another Evening of Conversation and Song on the Bowery Stage!  When he was here in 2015 he said he wanted to come back to Winnsboro and now it's happening.  Come sing "Puff the Magic Dragon" with the man that wrote it.  Experience the magic when Peter Yarrow steps on the stage and all of your memories of wonderful songs come flooding back.