5C Home Store – New in Winnsboro

Monica Coffman Realizes a Dream

Monica Coffman and her husband Randy Coffman moved to Winnsboro in 2010.  The original name of their store was 5C Custom Creations.The business was started in a 90 sq. ft. booth in the town of Rockwall in 2017.  After two years, they realized the place to be was Winnsboro.  They selected 106 East Elm St. on the corner of Elm and Market St. in the downtown area and renamed the store 5C Home Store.  While renovating the interior of the store, Monica uncovered an old Coca Cola Wall mural.  An awesome moment for Monica and she is very excited to show it off to her customers. The Grand Opening was on July 13th.

A Unique Garden Shed Allows You to be Creative

5C Home Store has a Magnolia feel and is bathed in natural light.  It is a combination of both vintage and new items.  The store design shows off beautiful furniture, home décor items, and even a garden center called the “The Garden Shed”.  The Shed is designed to help customers pick out a stylish container and design their own floral arrangement.  They also carry jewelry and women’s accessories.

For the DIY Crowd – Jolie Paint Line

5C Home Store carries the Jolie Paint Line for the DIY crowd and has plans to hold classes in the future.   Ask about their design services and if you don’t see want you want, they will special order items from their vendor catalogs. Monica is also looking forward to adding the Parenting Series called “Babywise”. The store will evolve as they clarify what their customers are looking for.

A Special Family Feeling

The business is a family affair and is named 5C Home Store to honor the original five in the Coffman family.  The original five were Monica and Randy and their children Curtis, Kasey and Jorden. Curtis, who passed away as an infant, is honored by naming the store 5C.  A wall in the store will be designed in his memory.  The tree logo represents the importance of family to the Coffmans.

Location and Hours

106 East Elm St.
Winnsboro TX 75494

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday through Friday 12:00 to 7:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
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