Angelic Interior Designs

Shenell, the owner of Angelic Interior Designs was inspired to open her business by her children’s experience with extended stays in the hospital.  She wanted to provide an environment that was warm, comforting and reminded them of home.  This seemingly small gesture for her children created a passion to inspire others to make their home special because as Shenell says, “It all starts at home”.

Shenell is a certified Interior Decorator and focuses on how to help people with new ideas and is very creative in repurposing items customers may already have.  She believes our environment impacts our emotions and focuses on how to make your home special by appealing to all of the senses. 

Shop for pillows, candles and floral arrangements designed and created by Shenell.  If you are interested in learning and doing projects on your own visit her Youtube channel for instructional videos.

Products Designed and Created by Shenell

Interior Design Examples

Angelic Interior Designs
    by Shenell

606 South Main St.
Winnsboro, TX  75494

Open: Thurs, Fri and Sat.  10 to 6

Designs by Shenell

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  1. Shenell

    This is beautiful thank you so much Ms Barbara for the feature

    1. Barbara


      It was my pleasure. You are doing amazing things in your business. Consider coming to the next Merchant’s Meeting. They are held on the first Tuesday of every month at the Train Depot at 8:30 am.

      Best regards,
      Barbara Hums

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