County Line Magazine Best of The Upper East Side of Texas Competition

Every autumn the County Line Magazine puts out a survey to find the BEST of the Upper East Side of Texas in more than 50 categories. People all over the region send in their nominations and winners are selected. Visitors and residents alike use the list of winners to explore the best in the region each year.

Winnsboro won 6 awards and 2 Hall of Fame awards for 2018.

The 2018 Winners


The Best Malt Shop

Ashleys Flowers and Soda Shop


The Best Produce

Winnsboro Farmers' Market

Honorable Mention Winners

Live Performances

The Best Live Music

The Bowery Stage

hamburger uncropped

The Best Restaurant

The Barrel House Bar & Grill (Under 50K)

wca building

The Best Live Music Venue

The Bowery Stage

Hall of Fame Winners

front of house

The Hall of Fame

Thee hubbell house

The Best Downtown


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