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Feel the difference in just one week

Before writing this article, I took the health assessment, received training and did a workout every other day for one week.  The results, as I was told would be noticeable.  I was very pleased and anxious to join and continue getting stronger and healthier.  I had more energy, felt a little taller with better balance and felt the beginning of a more fit me.  Thirty minutes a day just for me and my health.  Done deal.

After interviewing a few of the members I listed some of their comments:

Increased energy
More confidence and I feel better about myself
Easier to do physical activity where before it was a challenge
Better balance
Started to accomplish goals that previously I only thought about
Enjoyed working out in a safe place and getting to know more women in the community
More energy and a positive outlook
Enjoying life more
I lost 25 pounds

The Right Environment

The Copperleaf Spa Fitness Boutique offers a place where women can workout in an environment that is welcoming and comfortable.  You will be in good company with others that are looking to improve their health through this 30-minute total body circuit training.  The workout is all encompassing as it addresses cardio, aerobic and strength training.

Equipment Just for Women

The equipment at the Fitness Boutique utilizes hydraulics that create resistance, eliminating the need for weights that require adjusting from person to person.   The faster the workout the greater the resistance.   This creates a self-paced workout suitable for all ages.  

There are seven machines that each work 2 muscle groups for a complete body workout.  The program takes 30 minutes with 30 second interval training on the machines each separated by 30 seconds of jogging or gentle movement.  Since the equipment is designed for women you will feel very comfortable quickly.

Getting Started – Health Assessment and Training

To measure your progress a quick health assessment is taken on a Body Composition Analyzer that you simply stand on for a few seconds.  With a few key measurements you’re ready to go.  The instructor will review the equipment and assist you with each machine until you are comfortable.  If you have any questions after the initial training the Fitness Boutique is available to help and guide you along.

Additional instruction on stretching and checking your heart rate during the workout keeps you working at an optimal and safe pace.

Join Today

Membership is $35 dollars a month with a six-month commitment.  The Fitness Boutique is open 7 am to 7 pm.

Call today at 903-342-7772 or stop by for a visit at 209 North Main Street in Winnsboro.

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