Heroes a New Business in Winnsboro

Heroes! Comics and Games is the latest addition to downtown businesses in Winnsboro. It boasts the best place in 100 mile radius to find comic books, games and collectibles as well as board games, table-top role playing games, card games, adult games and more.

You will find an amazing selection of comic books from Super Heroes to throwbacks like Lone Ranger, Red Sonia, American Carnage, Star Wars and hundreds more. Heroes provides a Pull Box for individuals that would like to have the latest comic book arrivals held for them at the store. If you order five or more titles you receive 10% off your purchase.

There is also a great selection of board games like Betrayal at House on the Hill, World Domination games and Game of Thrones Monopoly to name a few.

Some of the most popular items purchased are from the selection of collectibles from Harry Potter dishes to chia pets, mugs, hats, t-shirts, key chains and popular drinking glasses with your favorite hero. Card games available are also very popular including Red Flags for both kids and adults.

Every Thursday evening from 6-7-ish there is a Q&A/discussion on the mechanics and concepts of Dungeons and Dragons. Each week, a discussion will be held on a new aspect of the game from Attributes, Class, Race, specialties and Feats. Come get your questions answered and learn a fun and imaginative game that has been an industry leader since 1974!
There are no questions off limits. There is also a bulletin board for players looking for groups and groups looking for players.

Every Saturday is Board Game Day! Heroes Comics and Games will let you try out a new board game! They will open it up and let you play in the Gaming Pits. If you like it, take it home at 10% off this day only!
Bring your friends and have some fun with us at Heroes!