Liefie’s – Africa Cuisine in Winnsboro

From Africa to Winnsboro

Ask any newcomer how they found their way to Winnsboro and you will get one hundred different stories.  But the story of the Liefie’s owners Jackie and Flippie Strydom is as unique as the restaurant they created.  After arriving in Dallas and living several years in the hustle and bustle they longed for the country living they had become accustomed to in South Africa.  More than 10 years ago they were traveling with visiting friends from South Africa and arrived in Winnsboro the weekend of the annual Christmas in the Park Bazaar conducted by many of the area churches.  “I couldn’t get over how friendly everyone was to us that day,” Jackie remembered.

“After we shopped all the booths, we left and walked around the downtown area, and I was fascinated by the Redneck Ranch,” she continued. Wherever she went, she found friendly, welcoming folks and began to feel like Winnsboro would be a great place to visit. “God led us to this place…we were meant to be here.”

A decision was made to purchase a small house, use it for a 2nd-home while they fixed it up. Their plan was to eventually “flip it.”  The more they visited Winnsboro, the more they felt like this was where they wanted to live permanently.  Even the children were asking to move to Winnsboro, which really surprised their parents! They knew “there was no going back!”

The Dishes are Perfection Every Time

It will take newcomers a few minutes to look over the unique and unusual menu.  The clever names of the dishes and descriptions with curiously sounding ingredients, is more than enough to excite any first-time guest.  Choices such as Authentic Beef Curry over Yellow Rice or Bunny Chow Style (in a bread bowl) or served as a Pot Pie in a flakey puff pastry during lunch have become customer favorites. When the chicken breasts come out of the smoker on the patio (daily at 4 pm), people begin to line up. Vegetarians love to order the Lentil Bobotie dish.  If you love salmon, then the Neelsie’s Alaskan Salmon, blackened and broiled to tender perfection is a must.  Make room for dessert and try the Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, served with South African Marula Fruit Cream Liquor.  It won’t be the first time your eyes roll at Liefie’s.

An Ambiance that Takes You Away

A few steps into Liefie’s and you will quickly discover that you are not in Kansas anymore.  You are instantly surrounded with lively art, ceilings layered with bamboo and touches of Africa everywhere.  The tables draped with black tablecloths and fresh flowers invite you in.  Check out the chalkboard wall created by engaging customers.  An outside seating area is lovely with a waterfall, fireplace and thriving plants all around. 

The same welcoming feeling Jackie received years ago during her first visit to Winnsboro is part of the friendly and warm experience her patrons enjoy today.  Jackie makes sure the front of the restaurant is well cared for while Flippie focuses on creating exceptional food in the kitchen.  

Get it All at Liefie's

The hallmark of a great restaurant is friendly and efficient service, delicious and consistent food, a welcoming environment and a unique décor.  So, if you would like a complete and wonderful restaurant experience, make your way to Liefie’s and be sure to bring along your friends.

Liefie Li Vine, more affectionately known as Liefie’s, is a perfect name for a truly unique restaurant. “Liefie” is roughly translated from Afrikaans as sweetie/sweetheart or dear. This March, Liefie’s celebrates its 9th anniversary.

Liefie Li Vine
302 N Main St.
Winnsboro,TX  75494

Hours of Operation:
Wednesday & Thursday 11:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Friday & Saturday 11:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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