Top Dog Thrift Store

A New Addition to Winnsboro Supports our Furry Friends

Cyndie and CJ are anxious for your visit to show off the new Top Dog Thrift Shop in Winnsboro.  The Grand Opening was held on August 29th and the shop was filled with curious guests and real shoppers that emptied half of the inventory from the shelves.  Cyndie Ewert and CJ Thatcher are co-managers of the store and are devoted to the success of the business and the benefits they can provide needy cats and dogs of Wood County.  CJ is also President of  APET-SPCA’s Board of Directors.

Donations for the Store Support Animal Shelter

If you are interested in donating to Top Dog keep in mind that the focus is on gently used and new items of all kinds with a few exceptions.  If you have small items you can drop them off during store hours.  For larger items, such as furniture please call for an appointment.  Although the store has lots of various items for your pet such as toys, dog/cat beds, ramps, bowls, steps, leashes, collars, sweaters, costumes, and a few other items it is not a pet store per se.   Top Dog does not accept clothing, mattresses, VHS or cassette tapes.

 All proceeds from sales go to directly support the animals of Wood County’s APET-SPCA  Animal Shelter which is located in Mineola.  The shelter is the only no-kill shelter in East Texas.  CJ Thatcher said that in addition to supporting Mineola,  Winnsboro and the other communities in Wood County,  they also support some surrounding areas of East Texas

Furniture and Items for the Home

Almost New Items and Gently Used

Lots of Great Finds

Additional Ways to Show Your Support

Donations and purchases at the Top Dog Thrift Store are greatly appreciated but you might also consider adopting a cat or dog from APET-SPCA to give it a loving forever home.  APET-SPCA is also a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that accepts cash donations.

Watch for details on the Winnsboro Online Guide for upcoming events.

For questions or to make a donation please contact CJ Thatcher or Cyndie Ewert at 903-342-0075

Visit Top Dog Thrift Shop at:
300 E. Elm Street
Winnsboro, TX

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