2 Mac’s Ranch Store Opens

Heather and Jim McConnel are living their passion with a small veteran owned Regenerative Ranch, just a few miles from downtown Winnsboro.  They moved here from West Texas in 2021 to the lush, green Piney Woods region to better fit the type of farming they would embark on. Whatever they do is in the most beneficial way possible. They rotationally graze the cattle and sheep with daily moves to fresh grass, supplementing with high quality hay and alfalfa in winter, as well as free choice minerals for the healthiest cattle and to benefit the soil. Natural alternatives are provided for their health like antibacterial herbs and natural de-wormers like pumpkins, and no animals hormones. 

Chickens, both for meat and eggs, are raised out on pasture in mobile coops that are moved daily for fresh forage, but to protect from predators. They get all the benefits of living outside, which greatly increases the vitamins, mineral and Omega 3 fatty acid profile when compared to conventionally raised meats.

Heather and Jim renovated an 85 year old Straight 8 Dairy Barn into their store.  The store has different types of meat and eggs, but also amazing coffee beans, homemade breads and products from neighboring businesses within a 50 mile radius.  They are passionate about supporting other businesses that are unique and homemade.  If you subscribe to their newsletter you will receive a one time 10% discount on your first trip to their store.

1639 West FM 852
Winnsboro, TX  75494

Hours of Operation:
Thursday through Monday 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
(Except Sundays – closes at 5:00 p.m.
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Assortment of Breads
Assortment of Meats
Fabulous Coffee
Bat House
Custom Pendants
Handmade Knitted Animals
Custome Cutting Boards
Unique Cheese Boards
Owl House

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