Barrel House New Location

Owners History of Fine Restaurants in Winnsboro

Susann Briggs and Nancy Irick-Briggs

Susann Briggs and Nancy Irick-Briggs opened their first restaurant and winery in Winnsboro in 2005.  The Lou Viney Restaurant and Winery became a fast success with wines they created and fine food. The Barrel House on Market Street followed in 2017.  Once again, they created an atmosphere and menu that their followers fell in love with.  It became a true gathering place for the Winnsboro community and another success story for Susann and Nancy.  The growth of the restaurant found them looking for a new location with more seating and a larger kitchen.  They found an old mill just a few blocks away and saw great potential.  After months of planning and intense renovation, their dream became a reality.  They opened the new location this month.

The Old Mill on Broadway becomes the Future Home of the Barrel House

Winnsboro is lucky that these two ladies had the courage and vision to turn this old mill into a fine-eating establishment.  From the minute you pull up in the parking lot, you know you are in for a treat.  The exterior in grey and black colors and decorated with barrels is perfect and fits right in with an East Texas feel.



The Patio

The covered patio area seats 94 and is a combination of tables made out of barrels that will accommodate either chairs or barstools.  The area is decorated with wall art and potted plants.  Follow the Barrel House on Facebook to stay in touch with dates for music on the patio.

Inside Dining

The inside dining area is well thought out, creative and very welcoming.  Susann and Nancy had the community in mind throughout the design process.  They stayed focused on what would be best for the town of Winnsboro and all those that would dine at their restaurant.  The atmosphere is also fun and engaging with interesting art and wall hangings.

The Bar

At the bar, you can get just about anything you can think of.  From Jake’s famous martinis to a wide selection of specialty beers and wine.  The long bar is a great place to make friends and to meet a lot of the regulars.  Come on the right night and enjoy live music.

Delicious Food

The Barrel House has become well known for their delicious and creative food selection.  The menu offers soup and salad, meat selections and their famous award-winning Barrel House Burger.  You might also enjoy the Bourbon Chicken, a variety of Flatbreads, the addicting fish tacos or the amazing Bread Pudding with White Chocolate Sauce. Check out the menu HERE

New Location Details

The Barrel House

501 E. Broadway
Winnsboro TX, 75494


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