The Edison Exchange Estate Jewelry

Dustin Ellis Founder of Edison Exchange

Dustin Ellis, founder of the Edison Exchange and estate jeweler has a vast amount of experience in this market and is constantly on the hunt for exciting pieces to add to his collection.  He is also very interested in seeing your estate pieces for evaluation and pricing.  He collected around 200 Edison Phonographs throughout the years and sold them recently to fund the opening of the store.  He still has a few phonographs in the store for you to enjoy.  Your visit to meet Dustin and look over his estate collection will surely bring you back again and again.

Gabriel Gayton "signed silver" Specialist

Gabriel Gaytan is the “signed silver” specialist. He handles attributed sterling silver pieces like James Avery, Tiffany, David Yurman, John Hardy, and Konstantino. Gabriel also orchestrates many of the background operations and advertising.

Dustin Explains, "Why the Edison Exchange"

Many times people ask “why The Edison Exchange”? “It doesn’t remind me of jewelry”. That’s kind of the point. We pride ourselves on being a unique venue to exchange Estate Jewelry, gold, silver, vintage watches, coins and even costume jewelry for currency, while also offering said items to savvy collectors and enthusiasts. We want to provide a unique experience and we want unique items to find their way to us.
Our name refers to the Edison Phonographs and the bygone eras that have produced amazing quality precious objects. The style, architecture and music of the Art Deco era have even become our signature decor and vibe. Our name directly references the Edison Phonograph dealers in large cities like “The Edison Exchange of Chicago”, where numerous Edison Phonographs were distributed to the masses in the early 1900s. A time when technology, humanity and art fused together to change the world forever. The name is unique and timeless like the items we acquire and offer. 

Live Auctions Every Thursday

Calling all jewelry hunters.  Each Thursday there is a live auction.  Just follow them on the Edison Exchange Facebook page.  Click Here

A Look Inside the Store


Palique A Jour Dragon Fly Brooch
Early Victorian Bioche Enamel Brooch
Tiffany and Co Art Nouveau Necklace

Antique Lamps

Edison Phonograph and Radio

Take a Tour of the Edison Exchange


Edison Exchange Estate Jewelry

217 North Main St.

Wednesday to Friday (10 AM – 5:30 PM)
Saturday (11 AM – 5 PM)
Store is closed on Canton Weekends

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