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Little Free Library Program

The original Little Free Library was started in Wisconsin in 2009.  Since that time 115 countries are now participating with more than 150,000 exchanges.  The Little free libraries give children and adults free access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

The Grand Opening for the Exchange was July 30th.  Winnsboro has chosen to offer one locations for books, two plant exchanges and an art exchange.

Four Locations to Enjoy

Take a Plant Leaf a Plant

There are two Take a Plant “Leaf,” a Plant locations.  One is at the back patio area of Liefie Li Vine restaurant in downtown Winnsboro at 302 N Main St. The children that participated in the Winnsboro Center for the Arts summer camps painted a brightly colored mural and decorated the plant stand for this location. In addition to plants you are encouraged to leave gardening materials such as plants, seeds, pots or tools.

The other location is at Kate’s Park Memorial Park, next to Gilbreath Memorial Library at 916 N Main St.  Additionally, you can find a doggie park, Take a Stick Leave a Stick for all our furry friends.

Little Free Art Gallery

Located on the front porch of the Oaklea Mansion at 407 S Main Street is the Little Free Art Gallery.  It is decorated with mosaics made by children at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts Summer Camps. Mary Spencer, Brenda Roberts and Donna Page donated and completed the exterior art decorations.

It has arts and crafts made by locals ranging from children to professional artists. If you find something that appeals to you, take it, and feel free to bring something you made to leave for someone else to enjoy.

Little Free Library

The Little Free Library is located at the Depot near the caboose. The colorful blue box is hand painted with birds and animals done by local artist Tracy Hopkins and Georgia Moore.  You can take the books you want to read and leave books for others to read.

A Community Comes Together

The spark was lit when Jami Moore mentioned the Little Free Library to Krista Ward. Both were familiar with this international literacy program and wanted downtown Winnsboro to have one too. Shortly thereafter, Casie Buck and Kasey Habecker approached them, wanting to add their exchange ideas too. Thus was the creation of the Winnsboro Community Exchange Program. The Winnsboro community came together…citizens, business owners, builders and artists.

 Gilbreath librarian Manuel Pasillas wants to tie the Plant Exchange to a soon-to be Seed Library.

 As stated by Brenda Buck, Main Street Manager and Cultural Arts District Director, “ It was this little seedling of an idea, and then the next thing I knew, it was a tree getting ready to bear fruit.”

Our mission is to be the catalyst for building community by inspiring artists, gardeners and readers of all levels and ages through a community network of volunteer-led resources.

 WCEP plans additional exchanges to be installed in October, including a Kindness Rock program.

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