Ellis Paul Concert

An Award Winning Performer

Since 1978, The Parents’ Choice Foundation has recognized products that help kids grow – imaginatively, physically, morally and mentally, fairly priced products that are fun, safe and socially sound. In 2015, the Parents’ Choice Foundation selected Ellis Paul’s acclaimed family music CD, The Hero in You, for a Gold Award, its top honor, calling it “an inspired family album with execution to match”.

Ellis Works with Schools and Writes Children’s Books

Ellis does concerts, workshops, masterclasses and more with schools, libraries, and community centers either in person or through Skpye. In past visits, he has performed songs from “The Hero in You”, answered questions, and has even written a song with students, though he can incorporate whatever topic the students are learning about into his visit. Many of his songs are biographical and the workshops and sessions fit into current music, English, and history class curriculum.

“The Hero in You” was ranked #1 on the Scholastic Magazine’s instructor “Must Read” list in winter 2015.

Inspired by His Children

A 2008 Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award Winner “The Dragonfly Races” is Ellis’ 14th album which was inspired by his two daughters. This marked Ellis’ debut into the family/children’s genre. It began with the birth of his second daughter, when Ellis took time off the road for 6 weeks, the longest amount of time in his 15 year touring career. Late nights of pacing the floor while singing Sofi to sleep,

Ellis decided to use his songwriting skills to create lyrics and music comprised of the messages he wanted to pass on to his daughters as they grew. The songs on the album are intended to be sweet and playful yet insightful and thoughtful. Written in true to form Ellis Paul style of compelling and witty story telling; each song will bring both parents and children into a picture that Ellis paints with each lyric. Themes of peace, unity, and a sense of the planet as a whole underlie the album with grace rather than overstatement.

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