Highest Rated Brewery in Texas

Cypress Creek Southern Ales Brews the Best

According to over 32,000 members that rate their favorite beers on the Untappd Beer App, Cypress Creek Southern Ales ranks number one in all of Texas. In August of 2018 they opened their doors and started to brew small batches focused on high quality with unique characteristics. They usually have five to ten beers on tap at all times. Taps rotate every 2 to 3 weeks with the 50 beers currently approved through TABC Every one to two months they create a new beer.

Mike Howard’s Path to Brewmeister

Mike started brewing beer and root beer with his father as a young child. He served in the Navy, became an engineer and went on to become an IT professional. In the corporate world he worked for a company that had Home Brew Clubs. Mike joined a club which re-ignited his love of making beer.

Like many, Mike started drinking beer like Budweiser. A life changing moment occurred when he was finally introduced to a really different beer at the Flying Saucer in Dallas.  From that moment forward he knew his path forward. He made it a point to always try different beers wherever he went.  These adventures into a variety of beers created a sophisticated palate that would eventually serve him well.  He experienced a wide variety of beers in Belgium and fell further in love with variety and high quality brew.  Mike intensely researched the science of brewing beer and became passionate with his experimentation and fine tuning of every batch.  His results are obvious after the first sip.

The business is veteran and family owned and operated.

It’s All About the Beer

Although there are some snacks available a trip to the Brewery focuses on the high quality of the beer. The complex beers use a variety of grains that are hand selected in unique combinations that set them apart from other breweries. According to Mike, one of their claims to fame is that they “do everything differently.” The beer is served at 42 degrees. As the beer slowly warms, all the flavors come out providing an exceptional experience.

All the names of the beers are associated with something in Winnsboro or a connection to the surrounding east Texas area.  Mike also added that every single beer they create has a unique story.  When you visit the brewery meet Mike and I bet he will have an interesting story for you.


Mike and his family found Winnsboro by accident and selected this town as they determined it was the place with the friendliest people of any community they visited. It has become another true gathering place in Winnsboro.

200 East Carnegie St.
Winnsboro TX
Hours of Operation
Wednesday – 5-9 pm
Saturday – Noon – 9 pm

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