New Bakery in Winnsboro TX

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Once you meet Kasey Habecker from Oven With Lovin in Winnsboro you will quickly realize why 90% of her business comes from referrals.  She loves getting to know people and is excited about creating unique products for them.  Customers just simply can’t wait to tell their friends about this amazing woman and her products.  Asked about her business she will say “my kitchen is my science lab for creating new things and I’m absolutely COO COO for fun and unique sweets”.  She is an artist and her claim to fame is her high quality custom and one of a kind bakery creations. She says what she does is “Art on Food”.

Born in Germany and raised in Japan she comes from generations of bakers. She started her baking business in the Dallas area in 2010 and then she and her husband and two young children found their way to Winnsboro in 2018.  She started with cakepops and then added cupcakes which became a very popular item and has just added macaroons to her offering.  If she needs a special one of a kind cookie-cutter she simply makes one.  She also offers custom cakes and decorated cookies.  After only a few minutes on her website visiting her photo gallery you will quickly see that Winnsboro Texas has a very talented and creative lady that is producing amazing food art.

She currently creates all of her baked items in her home.  She has a store front at Finders Keepers in Winnsboro and hopes in the near future to have her own shop in Winnsboro.  To order products you can visit her website at or call her at 682-220-2339.  Orders can be picked up at Finders Keepers.  Follow her on Facebook at  She can also be found on the Winnsboro Online Guide at