Beauweevils – 9 Years and Going Strong

More than one Bonus when you visit Beauweevil’s Antique Mall

It is always a bonus when you step into a store in a small town and are greeted with a smile. Lee Sturgeon, owner of Beauweevil’s is always there and happy to see you. He is eager to help you find any item in the antique mall. For the animal lovers you can pet the store cat, Weevil. Lee found him three months after the store opened in the garage of the building. He was skinny, wet and very hungry, but not for long. Lee adopted Weevil and the store became his home. Weevil has become very famous with the regular customers. An additional bonus is on Friday’s where you can enjoy Sangria and an appetizer while you shop.

100’s of Unique Items

Beauweevil’s is an antique mall with over 20 vendors. They are not your typical vendors as they carry unusual and one of a kind items. The displays are creative and a work of art in themselves. The variety covers everything from eclectic pieces, to home decor, yard art, furniture, jewelry, puzzles, books, kitchen items, glassware and much more.

Home Decor

What Customers Say

Lee hears from regular customers as well as new ones that the store smells wonderful, is very clean, well organized with great displays and an amazing inventory of unique and one of a kind items. As customers leave the store many say, “we’ll be back”.

Yard Art, Bird Feeders, Puzzles, Kitchen items …..

Lee Finds His Way to Winnsboro

Lee was in his twenties when he and three buddies rode into Winnsboro on horseback all the way from Mt. Pleasant. It was his first time to Winnsboro and he did not return for many years. Lee went on to open an antique store in New Boston. After 10 years he closed down his store and started searching for a new community to open another antique store.

After almost 20 years, he was driving north on Hwy 37 slowing down as he entered Winnsboro. On this day he stopped at what is now the Main St. Mall and met owner Betty Watkendorf. They hit it off and Lee rented space from her store for 10 years.

In the Spring of 2010 he purchased the building that would become Beauweevils. In four short weeks he accomplished the impossible, renovating the store with new paint, plumbing updates, new fixtures and all the other tasks to get the ready for his opening. Lee officially opened on May 1, 2010.

Now starting his 10th year Lee commented that he still enjoys coming to his business every day. One of the best parts is enjoying the people that shop at the store. He expressed a real sense of pride and accomplishment from his antique mall. Lee said he will go, if he can, until he is 90.

Stop in and visit with Lee and his famous cat Weevil. You will be glad you did.
205 North Main
Open Mon – Saturday 10 -5

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